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I’ve been musing – as has every other Being Human fan/obsessive/stalker about just where Alex, Hal and Tom ended up at the end of The Final Broadcast.  I briefly stated my view in the review I wrote but there is so much more to ponder…

were humanCaveat first – Tony Whithouse has promised a DVD extra set one week after the end of the episode starring the three leads that will resolve the issue properly.  That means everything I say here is likely to be irrelevant in April.  OK, I know. It’s all largely irrelevant now!

Although as Toby was a little confused – perhaps tired and emotional – in his quotes I’m not relying on anything yet.  On the BBC Being Human blog he said the DVD extra was planned, in SFX he’d forgotten about it.  He wants to leave the end open and up for discussion but he’ll resolve it.

OK Toby – ‘fess up.  Which writerer’s AU are YOU in right now?!

“Perhaps it is too soon.  Perhaps none of this can make sense yet”

So here goes.  My theory.

The Devil tries to tempt Alex, Hal and Tom with an alternative, a different life and he shows all three what could be.  They refuse and are returned to the TV studio where The Devil is whispering in the ears of the world.  (Why do I have a sudden mental image of a ginormous cotton bud?!)

But Hal inadvertently throws The Devil a bone before he’s pushed out of his snowy battlefield way back when and certainly before a close-ish shave and a trendy haircut – and probably before mid-twentieth centenary diction!

“You know where you went wrong. You should have put us together”

That definitely gave Old Scratch something to ponder…

origami werewolfBack in the studio they were back in the real world and Rook’s misguided attempt to destroy Old Nick were also real, as were the cover stories of poisoned gas and a demented but snappily dressed pensioner!  Covering up – that’s one of the many things that Rook’s department have always done so well – even if it took Alastair rather a long time to realise.  Reality trotted along quite nicely though the Rook/Devil synthesis – a quite logical escape route – and it continues until the Trinity attempt the ritual in Honolulu Heights.

The ritual drove The Devil out of Rook but he returned to the only human body available before the trinity died, back into Rook and that allowed the final part of the ritual – the part missed in 1918.  The human body holding The Devil was killed and his evil essence scattered – back into the hearts of men.  And women presumably.  (And cats)

But the Devil has one last revenge up his dapper sleeve and his last act before being scattered for centuries was to trap the three in a new AU.

They wake, they think they are human, but they are not.  It’s not real.  On the mantelpiece is the origami werewolf.  The Devil used it to bind the wolf in Tom’s AU and now it’s holding them in stasis.  They think they have a life but they will never be able to move on.  They are human in this tiny world but not mortal, Hal and Alex still won’t change but now neither will Tom.  How long before they go entirely mad?

Maybe one day they’ll destroy the souvenirs, The Devils’ trophies.  If they burn the paper wolf they’ll be released.  But to what?



Maybe not…

But the world – the real world, not their warm, cosy, slightly fuzzy AU world – will have moved on around them.end of s5 sofaIt’s probably worth saying that this is just my theory.  You’ll have your own.  None of them are right and none are wrong – unless you’re Toby Whithouse (and I claim my £5!)  And even then… let’s not go over the giant whiteboard list of inconsistencies again right now shall we?

Why am I so sure they can’t end the series as human?  So many reasons.  Not all rational.  Here are a few – in no particular order except the order in which they occurred to me…

Because the whole five series of Being Human – as wonderful and amazing as the ride has been – does not encourage thoughts of happy endings!  Especially for vampires – mass murdering devious vicious little treasures that they are…

(Except Herrick who is living (mostly) happily ever after in my airing cupboard, but that’s a whole different story! And don’t worry – I make him suffer…)

The idea that all supernatural curses come from the Devil is an interesting one.  I can go with that for vampires – although it needs an acceptance of basic theology that I don’t have – but I’m not convinced about werewolves and ghosts.  Especially ghosts.  Look at Annie and Alex – they did nothing wrong, they were killed and they have lingered in the world.  Isn’t that punishment enough?  Unseen and untouched until whatever needs to be resolved – love, forgiveness, saving the world, whatever – is sorted.  How in the name of any god you wish to invent can that be a curse from the Antichrist?

If the three are human because they defeated the devil then presumably so are all the others.  Think about that – all the vampires and all the werewolves and all the ghosts are now human.  Lady Mary is in Primark as we speak – or in a pub toilet.  Sykes is probably back in the Air Force.  Or has joined the Samaritans.  Basically the world is full of strangely dressed confused new people.  It’s going to get a bit crowded…

And what about the MWSaMWR?  They are going to be so pissed!!  Or did they scatter with The Devil?

The other option is that only these three supernaturals were reprieved from their supernatural state because they were the ones who completed the ritual.  That doesn’t work either.  If the curse come from the Devil then it has to mean ALL of them, not just three.

If – IF – the curse on all vampires is lifted then I bet those vampires that love what they are, the sharks, are furious!  I wouldn’t want to be in Hal’s slip-ons when they find out it was him.

What about doors?  If there are no more ghosts then surely there can be no doors. Do the dead just pass over straight away?  To what?  And what if they have things to do?  Even death changes if the trinity become human.

devil and origami werewolfAnd that defeating The Devil business?  Sorry, it just can’t be that easy.  After all, he’s the fucking devil sweetheart!  He may be scattered I don’t believe he’s destroyed.  A world without evil surely also means a world without good.  Now us humans may be a bit crap but in the world as posed in BH we need both good and evil.   Balance.  Hope.

If there are no more ghosts, who gets to save the world next time?  Because the one thing I can be pretty sure of is that there will be a next time…


Whatever you believe about the ending it’s a clever one and the more I think about it the more I’m convinced it’s dark enough to suit my twisted bitter heart.  And of course I’m just as sure there are people equally adamant in an opposing view.

I hope that Toby doesn’t tie it up too neatly in the DVD extra.

I don’t really want to know for sure.

I want to be left with something to ponder!

What do you think?


The final words may go to the trinity…

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