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Well hello. Long time etc. etc.

Hang on a minute while I pull off the dust sheets and run around with the vacuum. Open the windows will you?  Give the blog a bit of a blow through.

I can’t quite bring myself to close this blog permanently although I don’t feel the need to write about Being Human that often nowadays.  I’m quite sure that occasionally there will be thoughts and this is a good outlet as I can’t see anyone rolling their eyes at me!

series one

Today I do have thoughts as it’s six years ago today when the first episode of the first series was aired on BBCThree.  It was a Sunday, a fairly mild day for winter, a bit damp and the day before the new moon.

Here’s a thing.  Can we really look back at that first episode and see it as we did then?

“Maybe… we find each other”

tri S1E1George and Annie making tentative steps towards friendship, picking their way through the mugs of cold tea?

Mitchell coping – sort of – not really – with the help of pizza and cereal?

“…and she was mine”

Owen the grieving finance – it all sounded so innocent and so touching then.

herrick and cara“You’re a shark – be a shark”

Herrick, tidying up after Mitchell, charming Cara (or canteen girl as she was known then) and generally talking a reasonable amount of sense.

lauren sunglasses“A-positive?  A bit Jacob’s Creek-y for me”

Ah Seth, bless his dim little cotton socks.  He changed the wine choices of a fandom!

Doomed Becca.

Lost, vengeful, confused Lauren.

“OK, I’m new to this, but aren’t you suppose to weep or scream or wee yourself?”

Of course we can’t see it new now.  Everything – the house, the people, the passing strangers, it’s all coloured by what we know is still to come.  We know their ends so we can’t help seeing the path and we – or maybe just me – still wishes they applied a little more common sense from time to time. Yes Mitchell, that means you!

Nowadays I think more about what Being Human brought with it.  For me as well as being one of my favourite TV series it gave me opportunity – there are two books out there with my name on and I still write.  Will I write another TV book?  Maybe but it’s hard to find anything I want to watch as often and in as much detail as I did BH. I wore out a set of S1-3 DVDs!

But most importantly the Being Human fandom brought people – groups of friends that go far beyond the influence of a TV show.  Transatlantic, cross European meet ups.  Theatre trips.  Excursions to the cold, wet yet scenic glories of Barry Island.  Bristol BH pub crawls.  Knicker-wetting laughter.  Mutual support and encouragement.  Captain Fringe.  General insanity.  Panda sex.  A quote for every occasion.  A full on gospel chorus every time someone goes to IKEA…


That’s the true legacy of Being Human.

Thanks Toby.


For a change – the US Promo for series one…