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Now that Being Human is at an end (sigh) I’m in the mood for reflection. It’s been an amazing five years and – although I’m very sad to see it go – I AM glad it’s ended when the reaction is still so strong and there are still people passionate about it. So many shows drag themselves through one or two series too many and the end comes as a merciful release. At least that didn’t happen to Being Human.

The thought of watching it from behind my zimmer frame as the thirteenth supernatural trinity tries to save the world (again) is just too much like Last of the Summer Vampires to contemplate!  (I bet there still wouldn’t have been a decent strong female vampire character though… although the idea of werewolf Nina Batty with her wrinkly furry stockings does appeal!)

I suspect I still have things to ponder so there are likely to be more posts here but while I digest and process and yes, ponder, here goes with a few quickies about favourites – favourite episodes, series, character, guests and whatever else comes to mind! Any requests?

And I’m starting with a tough one – one which I’m really struggling to answer. Which is my favourite series?

series oneSeries one – There Goes the Neighbourhood – introduced us not only to Mitchell, Annie and George but also to the supernatural lore that held their world together.  We saw doors to the afterlife, a vampire trying to give up blood and others who very definitely weren’t.  We learned about ghosts and their unfinished business and how werewolves are killed from the inside out every month when they transform in agony.

It brought us Herrick – my boy Herrick, the little love – and Seth, Lauren and Nina, wonderful regular characters.  The other guests were overall probably the best of all five series – Gilbert, Tully, Josie and – of course – Sarky Mark!  Who else?  Lovely/evil Owen and tango-tanned Janey, Bernie and Fleur – Toby certainly packed them in over those first six episodes!

We rooted for Annie when she drove Owen mad – especially as he’d fooled us all by seeming to be so very lovely, we cringed with George as he likened Becca to a polo and wept with Mitchell over Josie.  We admired the mad hats on the pitchfork weilding mob – and I bet none of them brought jam afterwards.  We saw just how Herrick manipulated Mitchell and how he used Lauren to the detriment of brown duvet man.  And at the end George did the one thing he feared  the most and he did it for Mitchell.  He killed Herrick.

Surely now it was all over?

Well, what do you think?!

series twoSeries two – God Loves, Man Kills – probably came the closest to fulfilling the original premise – being human. It was the only series where the threat came from humanity and in Lucy and  Kemp, and also Hennessey and Lloyd it gave us rounded and convincing human characters – an increasing rarity. I might come back to that – favourite human character…  Nina was almost a regular and this is the series that brought us the pre-titles flashback – which I really love.  Who else?  Sykes – such a great ghost! – and all the randomly dressed theatre ghosts including Robyn the usherette, the second best moustache from Alan Cortez and an attempt at a proper grown up relationship for George with the possibly only slightly desperate Sam. Oh and Molly.  That child was not normal…

Series two has some wonderful stories and lovely detail – Annie was visible for a while before Saul – what WAS Saul? – and to have sweet Hugh and his Fatima Whitbread fetish whipped away was so sad.  We finally saw just how dark Mitchell’s heart could get – with just a little help and encouragement from Daisy.  And lets never forget the wonderful Ivan, and his car and his taste in music and his inimitable, elegant languor…

And how could anyone forget the best episode of the series – The Looking Glass.  Lucy finally gets her end away, we see how Mitchell met Josie and Herrick returned!  In a dapper brocade waistcoat, a suspicious amount of hair and a tidy way with a pair of handcuffs…

I’m not helping myself choose here!

series threeSeries three – The Wolf Shaped Bullet – was probably the darkest of all five series, not that that is a bad thing.  The first series from Wales, away from the iconic pink house and into Honolulu Heights.  Nina is a fully fledged regular and Anne and Mitchell… well, you know how I feel about that.  We also got the magnificent McNairs – and when we watched Tom eat his Knickerbocker Glory and promise to take a nap and have a proper tea how could we have imagined where his story would take us?

Nina got pregnant, George got to say ‘what’ a lot, Annie got soppy and Mitchell got… well, grubbier. (Sorry M-fans, sooooo soooorrrrry…)  More great guests – Vincent, Adam – filthy, pervy Adam – Sasha the zombie WAG, Richard and Emma and no. 7 (and 1-6 ‘resting’ in the garden) and the rather lovely Wendy the social worker.  And Cara was back!

And so was Herrick – resurrected and confused. Or was he?  I think not, he was chilling, funny and deadly in turns – and all in stripy pjs and a flowery shirt.  You have to admire that!  And as befits him, he got all the best tunes.  Dirge, History Repeating Itself – just so very Herrick.

And in the end?  Herrick gone, a fleeting glimpse of a potential super vampire villain in the steely blue-eyed Wyndam and then Mitchell was dust.  But it’s OK, it’s because George loved him…

And breathe.

series fourSeries four – The War Child – was a challenge.  No Mitchell, Nina and Wyndam disposed of between series and only one episode for George before he kicked the bucket and a few vampire arses, leaving just Annie from the original threesome.  We got new vampire Hal with his braces and dominoes, baby Eve and adult future Eve and some timey-whimey stuff that I’m not even going to try to explain.  We also had nipple encrusted prophecies – and no, I’m not going to try to explain them either! We found ourselves a great new baddie – the amoral, self-interested, sarky, snarky Cutler with his grand plans and too short sleeves.  Focus groups – now why did my boy Herrick never think of that?!

More great guests – Griffin and his Thursday fajitas, Pearl and Leo and their fifty-years on hold romance, the return of Adam with a succubus in tow, Fergus – a street smart version of Seth, Allison the trainee barrister werewolf and Regus.  Lovely Regus the Vampire Recorder, sex memory pilferer with his extraordinary T-shirt collection!  You have to love a vampire in a Team Edward shirt…  I have a rather soft spot for Golda (and her human skin filofax – I want one) and investigative supernatural reporter Pete.  (AKA a quick munch…)

The Old Ones arrived, led by the elegantly wasted away Mr Snow but before they could pluck Barry apart Annie blew them apart with a vat or two of old chip fat.  Collateral damage included a vaporised baby Eve thereby saving the world and bringing Annie that one final door.

That’s one hell of a bit of unfinished business!

Being Human series 5Series five – The Trinity – was the final one and was written as such so expectations were high for a grand and great send off.  To cap it all the Big Bad for the series was the devil – actually The Devil.  Albeit in a wheelchair, a cardigan and a bit of a state…  The new trinity was established with the addition of Alex, feisty, sparky, killed by Cutler (Hal drank her blood – not sure anyone ever mentioned that) and with the potential to be a pretty decent female lead! For a while until the lovelorn, motherly stuff kicked in.  Hal took his shirt off a lot.  Tom meanwhile wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills in search of some sort of plot…

Along with Captain Hatch/Old Scratch/Old Nick/add your own devil name we had Mr Rook.  Head of the Department that keeps us safe and supernaturals’ secret – and a victim of Government budget cuts.  Poor Dominic went a bit mad and until the end it was never quite clear whose side he was on.  His own maybe…

More guests – good ones in wolf-mountain Bobby, Alex’s dad and Lady Catherine, decent enough ones in Lady Mary and Larry and just plain damned bloody awful ones in Crumb and Alan.  Dire. Dreadful.  (No I didn’t like them. Sorry, wasn’t that clear?)  There were also indescribably amazing guests in a selection of bloggers – darlings, you were wonderful! Mwah! Mwah! The ideas were epic, the execution less so but we did finally see two of the things that Toby said we’d never see – the Men With Sticks and The Men With Ropes and Toby himself doing acting.  I think the suit was trying for its own BAFTA but at least he didn’t wave to the camera…

Did they save the world again?  The jury’s out on that one.  As is the jury on whether they are really human or trapped by The Devil in an alternative universe.

My money’s on the bleak, dark ending – but that won’t surprise anyone!


Decision time.

Which is my favourite series?

It’s a tough one, as I love all of them for different reasons.

But if I must pick one of the five I think for overall strength of story, diverse and wonderfully nuanced characters, depth and subtly of writing and well, everything that makes Being Human what it is I’m going to have to go for series two – “God Loves, Man kills”

Although I reserve the right to change my mind according to mood, phase of the moon and whether my shoes hurt – or just because really!


That’s just my view – what’s your opinion?

Come on – let’s have your vote for your favourite series!