If you’re looking for the latest review of episode five “Hold the Front Page” then it’s on its way!  It is slightly delayed this week for a very good reason  – I’ve been on a Being Human jolly!  A visit to Bristol with a group of like-minded people (who whispered ‘mad!’ at the back?!), a joint watch of the episode and then a trip to see Jason Watkins in Farewell to the Theatre at Hampstead Theatre.

We saw a lot of Bristol locations and walked many, many miles up and down hills! Comfy shoes are a must…  Some of the highlights – the Pink House (of course) and a pint in the New Found Out, dinner at The Rumer (highly recommended) and communing with the evil at B (actually E) Edwards.  The Facility is always a slightly unsettling sight – something about those windows and the door – you can hear the echo of it closing as you look at it.

Farewell to the Theatre is excellent and well worth a look if you are able to – and if there are seats left!  A proper ensemble piece with Ben Chaplin, Jemma Redgrave, Tara Fitzgerald, Andrew Havill and Louis Hilyer – and of course Jason Watkins.  Look out for William French, a recent graduate of LAMDA, as I suspect we’ll be seeing more of him.

It was a thought-provoking watch, funny and sad in turns and very atmospheric, the lighting in particular was beautifully done.

So, in between sorting out many photos of the alleyways and doorways of Bristol, musing over the play and planning the route around Barry, Cardiff et all for the next big meet up the review just hasn’t got itself written.

It’ll be done soon, promise.

I have much to ponder…