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So – only a couple of weeks until the third series of Being Human and we have sparkly new publicity photos  which feature Nina as a main character for the first time.  There is also a S3 trailer showing with amazing frequency across the BBC including a new BBC Three ident at the start and a neat refurbishment of the website.   Last but definitely not least is a very – VERY – spoiler-y press pack courtesy of the BBC Press Office which I’ll post about separately – so there’ll be no spoilers here!

I’ve been musing on the trailer and what it promises.   It has a very different feel – not necessarily a bad thing of course but it seems to emphasise a new separateness between our original trio (and the togetherness of George and Nina).  It has three distinct environments – none of which are the new house, in fact they could be anywhere.  There are some neat reflections on their past Bristol lives which may be lost on new viewers but us addicts can guess what is driving them apart or may yet pull them together.

Mitchell is on the night bus, lights flickering, brooding and waiting – it could almost be the train trapped in the Box Tunnel.  Clearly tempted, dark predatory Mitchell sees a victim but human Mitchell manages to resist the call of a nice clean neck.  But was it with regret or relief?  (and BTW just what is she actually doing??  Putting on an earring or plugging into her iPod maybe…)

Annie is reading the Marriage of Heaven and Hell – having been dragged through Hennessy’s door she is caught in purgatory or limbo and in big trouble for her desperate solution to the whole Kemp problem.  The Annie Broadcasts on the BBC Blog tell of her horror and despair and of her final destination.  She’s going to Hell – or possibly the local Library.  Mitchell will be saddling up the white charger (or the number 9 bus) for his rescue mission which could be slightly compromised by the arrival in limbo of the Box Tunnel 20.  Does Annie know who they are – and consequently what Mitchell really is?  She certainly looks desperate – and rather powerful – making me wonder just what has she learnt on the other side of the door.   What implications does that potential new knowledge hold for her in the real world (or in Barry – which I suppose must be similar to the real world).

George and Nina get the bright clean supermarket setting (obviously they are in aisle 3) and hints of contented domesticity – or cosy-couples food shopping at least.  Werewolf instincts piqued by the arrival of raw meat (neatly priced at 6.66) they are, in truth, taking a ticket to take their turn just like the rest of us – although they do get unlucky 13 of course.  That has to be the tidiest supermarket in the world – I wouldn’t dare take a tin of tomatoes from any of those immaculate shelves!

The photos are set in that same weirdly organised and colour coordinated supermarket.  George and Nina have a basket of dripping red raw meat and there is just a hint of the wolf, something in the way George’s hands are held, almost waiting for the claws to erupt.  They also have a chicken (sans string) – do they share or is it strictly separate chickens for those full moon nights?  And teabags.  Of course.

Annie is a suitably ghostly presence – looking apprehensive but slightly different.  Is that a new cardi we can see and shorter hair too.  Maybe there’s a decent salon in Hell although I doubt they ask where you’re going on holiday!

Mitchell is part vamp, fanged but not black-eyed and nice to see they’ve resisted the temptation to smarten him up.   At least he isn’t wearing those dreadful trackie bottoms and the tartan hat – with a bit of luck those are lost forever in the depths of the facility!  Or maybe somewhere in a Hobbit hole…

They are no longer in aisle 3 but the signs usefully direct us to chicken (on a string), steak (or stake perhaps, or maybe just fresh meat) and tea.  Not that any of these are actually on the shelves among the ranks of cheerful tins!  Morrisons is just the same…

And right at the bottom by Mitchell’s feet is a broken and bleeding bottle of tomato ketchup – a neat joke, unless it has some terribly dark and deep meaning…  OK – now I am definitely over thinking this!

Back soon with some musings on what is to come in series three and including that spoiler fest of a press pack…