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One week to go until series three of Being Human!

Of course I’m excited but in a distinct contrast to this time last year I can’t help wondering if I already know too much.  I could have avoided all the interviews and speculation but no – I’m far too nosy and have no self-control at all!  There are a lot of spoilers out there and I’m going to talk about them here so if you want to know nothing, nada, total anticipatory ignorance about series three – then STOP READING RIGHT NOW!! (but please come back later)

Gone?  Good… now let’s talk secrets

Going back a year we’d had some hints about series two.  We’d seen the CenSSA broadcasts and met the lovely Lloyd, all perky and plausible and not pervy at all.  Ivan and Daisy had their prequel which teased us with baby vamps and gave us such a bum steer on little Molly.  Clever.  Toby Whithouse had already told us the threat this time was human and we knew Herrick was chopped liver (or so we thought!)  None of that gave away the details of the plot – who could have guessed the Lucy/Professor Jaggat reveal and the real truth of Kemp’s obsessions?

So what do we know this time?  There are some interesting nuggets in the BBC press pack and there are a number of features and interviews that give away all the carefully crafted hints dropped like rare pearls by Toby Whithouse himself.  There are far more spoilers out there than I can list here – these are just the ones that intrigue me.

Herrick is back but… is he the Herrick we remember?  Aidan Turner has already let slip that Herrick has lost his memory and Jason Watkins confirms it.  Herrick is back in the 19th century – I’ve always suspected that Herrick was truly old and I can’t wait to find out more.  It’s great that Jason Watkins is back and you have to admire a man who can get ‘discombobulated’ into an interview…

What about George?  He killed Herrick – a life changing moment for him, and part of the reason why Nina was scratched.  He has dealt with this (sort of) but to see Herrick back after all that trauma – well, it must be odd to say the least!  He’s also worried about Mitchell – does he actually know, or really want to know, just how dark and bloody Mitchell’s life became back in Bristol?

Lots of werewolf action to come, including a werewolf father and son, practically a whole new pack.  Maybe this will rattle Nina and George’s happy ever after (as if…) and make them consider the potential patter of tiny paws.  Now, I’ve thought about this – yes, really – and can’t see how a female werewolf can have a child, after all her body dies and reforms every month.  Although Lord Toby will undoubtedly find a way around such inconvenient physiological issues if that is what is required!

We’ve been teased with “a very macabre thing that the vampires do to werewolves”.  It turns out that a great vampire night out is watching a human/werewolf cage fight.  No worse than humans watching werewolves explode, I suppose, and at least it’s honest.  Not all neatly wrapped up as the work of God and for a higher purpose (and our own good…)

It’s pretty clear that Mitchell does successfully rescue Annie from purgatory – after all we’ve seen her room in Honolulu Heights!   He has Stacey Slater’s help and she’s definitely a woman not to be thwarted.  Lia does have a dark prediction for Mitchell though and it’s something truly life – or more correctly death changing.  She is someone from Mitchell’s past – more dark secrets?   I suppose a century of vampirism must give you an extensive back catalogue of exes, deaths and various dark and nefarious deeds!

We’re also promised a zombie who gives Annie yet another of those awful lessons in eternity that she seems to get at every turn.  Not to mention a social worker – now there’s a challenge! – and an Annie/Mitchell hook up.  I suppose that has been brewing for a while and Nina and George nesting will probably push them together.  It’s rather obvious that Nina has never liked Mitchell much.  You just know that he is refered to as ‘that friend of yours’ when being blamed for everything!  Mitchell and Annie romantically involved is not the way I would take them but an undead/dead relationship is not likely to be easy going.  Par for the course for Annie though – she’s dated a murderer (Owen), an attempted murderer (Saul) so a mass murderer is a logical progression.  (And I thought I made some dodgy choices!)

I’m sure Toby has kept some surprises back for us and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out.  I’m really keen to see what happens to Mitchell – we’re used to his tortured soul and after the Box Tunnel ‘incident’ he’s bound to be even more furrowed of brow and constantly peering through his hair!  Not to mention the slight problem that Aidan Turner is off to Hobbit-land to be a dwarf – could Mitchell face his end?

This time the threat is from within, from themselves says Toby Whithouse – and he should know!

There are lots of guest stars already trailed for series three and I’ll come back to them…  watch this space!


And finally the full version of Cat Steven’s 1972 single I Can’t Keep It In as heard on the S3 Being Human trailer (with proper 70’s crackling vinyl!)  Go on – sing along, you know you want to!

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