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Firstly – and before the obligatory suspension of disbelief – how do you get a job when you’re undead?  Or just dead?  No national insurance number, no tax code and heaven forbid they want to take your photo on induction day for your ID card!

Werewolves seem to have it easy – in some ways.  They are still mostly human so the paperwork is in place.  They can be photographed.  Luckily in the world of Being Human the full moon always happens at night so as long as you work the right shifts no need to book a monthly holiday or go off poorly.

HR:  “I see a pattern of sickness absence emerging here.  You are off work for a day every four weeks.”

WW: “Yes.  I’m a werewolf.”

HR (backing away): “I’ll put it down as a virus shall I?”

Nina gets work easily – or so it seems, but then a good nurse is always going to find a job.    I did wonder what someone so spiky was in the caring professions but I suspect there are clues to that compulsion to heal in Nina’s past – and maybe there’s another post there!

What did George do before Tully?  It’s not quite clear – in the press pack for the pilot episode Russell Tovey descried George as an academic and in the pilot Julia, George’s ex-fiancée assumed he was now a doctor.  Whatever he did he was seriously bright.  He must have doctored (even amputated) his work history to get a porter’s job.  When he decided to re-emerge into the world of work he taught English as a foreign language.  Would he have stuck it out without the werewolf Tourette’s and the resulting savage beating he gave his – admittedly dreadful – boss?  I don’t know.  Poor innocent George – it seemed quite sensible to him to teach his class about swearing.  Maybe if he’d thought it through a little!

Werewolves need some means of support, they need housing, clothing and feeding.  McNair had no job and presumably didn’t sign on – now that’s a ‘back to work’ interview I’d like to have seen!  He still managed to shop in Waitrose, although not everything went through the tills…

In contrast, do ghosts ever really need to work?  They don’t eat or sleep, what expenses do they have!?  Certainly not new shoes.

Unusually in the BH ghost world, Annie became visible, if a little squishy, after she turned down her door and took the opportunity to get out and about.  Well, she took a job at the pub three doors down.

“Way to go…”

Annie’s interview with Hugh was a master class in the triumph of cock-eyed, enthusiastic optimism over wary, confused but besotted!  Of course he gave her the job although you have to wonder if anyone had applied?!  Or considered the deployment of a climbing wall.  Presumably it was cash in ghostly hand – the tax office may have been rather taken aback otherwise.  Mitchell (gently) mocked her lack of ambition but with Owen’s controlling nature I doubt Annie ever got to explore her potential.  Too risky, she might have ended up seeing Owen for what he was, might have wanted out.

The vampires make a better fist of employment.  In the tie-in novels there is a nice reference to Herrick running a system of look-alikes for photos.  With just enough vampires placed through the authorities they can ease the way for others as well as covering up the odd escapade.  (Here’s looking at you, Mitchell!)

Mitchell is working at the most anonymous job he can find as a hospital cleaner.  It also conveniently keeps him away for the sunlight!  I’ve no idea what he’s done in the past – well, we know some of it but not about his exploits in the world of gainful employment.  Herrick will have always looked after him, it probably never crossed his mind there might be  another way.  He tells Bernie his only options were the army and the church.  An ironic choice given where he ended up.  In another world might we have seen Sarky Mitch discussing theological crises with Sarky Mark?

Annie is very keen for Mitchell to progress and get on.  He’s quite content to get another cleaning job, it suits him, it works – why push his luck?  Annie proves to be an interesting interview coach and an absolute whizz at writing references.  (Note to self – always check references carefully, make sure the ‘are you alive?’ box is ticked.)  Maybe one day, Annie muses, Michell might reach the dizzy heights of the hospital canteen!  It worked wonders for Cara’s prospects… in some ways, anyway.

Herrick, of course, is a copper and doesn’t he just revel in that uniform!  A useful device for the purposes of keeping his troops out of trouble, keeping a check on them and going just about anywhere he wants to.  I’m guessing he doesn’t interview a lot of suspects, watching the tapes back might raise some interesting questions.  I think we saw his first realisation about just how helpful this guise could be in the 1969 flashback.  At least by the time he picniced on the finest of the Barry constabulary he’d stopped dropping blood on the shirt collars.

What else has Herrick done?  Well, in life he was a legal clerk.  I wonder what his background was, he hadn’t progressed very far for his age and clearly resented the drudge work.  He seemed rather well acquainted with evil intentions, not to mention the more specialised type of London brothel!  Had he been caught before?  Locked up?  Locked away?  It’s an interesting thought, where could that evil genius have taken him, before the resentful servitude in which Hetty found him?

Something to ponder…


In case you’ve forgotten here’s Annie’s attempts to ‘help’ Mitchell through his interview with Ms Ma… Ms Mawu… Missus.