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Series three  Another eight episodes.  In Wales.  To be precise in Barry Island…  Pretty much everything has changed – George and Nina are almost, sort of a proper couple, albeit with occasionally – let’s say robust – nocturnal activities, Annie’s been to purgatory and back and Mitchell?  Ah yes Mitchell.  The Box Tunnel massacre has left him with nowhere to go and it overshadows the whole series.  This is Mitchell’s decline and fall.  Not to mention that Peter Jackson was murmuring seductively from the sidelines while waving a pointy hat and furry boots at Aidan Turner!

series threeThis is probably the darkest of all five series and I have to say I think it suffers slightly from being so totally focussed on Mitchell’s plight and his ongoing attempts to paint himself into a smaller and smaller corner.  Despite that it still has good stories for George and Nina and some great guest characters – and Annie was there too, suffering from lack of plot syndrome. Again.  Such a shame and such a waste as when she got the chance to shine she probably shone brighter than any of them.

It’s another series when I know which is my favourite straight away – it’s an instinctive answer although there is much that is good about them all.

In episode one Annie was in purgatory, George was in a quandary, Nina was in Ann Summers and Mitchell was in the clutches of perky Mary Poppins-esque Lia.  Lacey Turner’s Lia was wonderful – flirty and flinty by turns, keeping Mitchell on his toes and pushing him and Annie together as part of her cunning plan.  And what was she?  A Gatekeeper?  I still think she was more than just a victim out for revenge – she had more power than that.  Plus I rather like the idea that the PTB behind the doors are entirely composed of former soap stars! (see also The Leader of TMWSaTMWR)

PICTURE SHOW:  Lia (Lacey Turner)

There were plenty of other great guests and great moments in series three.  One of the very best was Sasha, the very Being Human style zombie.  It was another dull thud of a lesson of the week but the character was a riot and as well as being vile and funny and smelly and oozing she was touching and sad.  There was the fight in The Pack when Tom, McNair and Mitchell disposed of a cage fights worth of vampires and still found time for the odd sardonic quip.  The McNairs generally – and McNair senior in particular with his philosophy on life, shopping and sex education.  Richard and Emma’s vampire orgy was entertaining – thought a little Abigail’s Party – and I thought the solution to their blood needs with No. 7 (plus 1-6 in the garden) was rather neat!  We also got to meet the dysfunctional Sands family – poor old George, even without the wolf did he really stand much hope of being normal?!  There was tenacious (annoying!) Nancy and the musings as to whether she’d return as a vampire and the rather shouty and slimy Cooper.

BEING HUMAN 3 EP 3The penultimate episode – Though the Heavens fall– was amazing and probably the best build up to the climax of a series of them all.  In fact it stands up well to many series with bigger budgets and grander ambitions.  The Wolf Shaped Bullet has heart stopping moments – Herrick with Mitchell in the cage, the moment Mitchell leaves Annie in the cell after she’d pledged eternity to him, Tom burying McNair, Nina almost dying and Lia’s machinations finally unravelled by Annie with a little help from a pink TV.  It had Herrick’s end – this time finally – and after one last beautiful sunrise.  It also brought us the twice seen never forgotten Wyndam – the blue eyed, sharp suited wrath of god.  Pineapples himself!  I might have been tempted by the final episode as my favourite but the last-minute reblocking to allow Mitchell to head for Hobbit-land did show and ended up compromising it just too much.  I’d love to have seen the planned version which left Mitchell’s story open.

edgar wyndhamBut neither of these are my favourite.  Have you guessed yet?

It’s The Longest Day.  How could it be any other?

I know what you’re thinking – it’s another Herrick centred episode.  Yes it is but this is my choice for much, much more than that.  The writing is the best seen in all five series – and yes, I’m including Toby Whithouse’s in that. (So shoot me.)  Once George gets the rambling. wide-eyed Uncle Billy out of the hospital the rest of the episode takes place entirely in Honolulu Heights and the enclosed and almost claustrophobic feel are a part of the story.  The lighting and direction are beautifully matched to the unfolding events and the dialogue is perfect for all the main characters.  There is depth to Nina’s black and white morality and Annie has a chance to shine.  Even Cara is a fully rounded sympathetic character.  Wendy the community psychiatric nurse is a triumph – written especially for Nicola Walker by Sarah Phelps – we know her the moment she walks into the house.  It’s an acting tour de force and matched by Jason Watkins as the confused amnesiac vampire – or is he?  I still think not – there’s enough of that ancient evil showing through to make us wonder.

wendy and annie and muralThe whole episode is as theatrical as a TV show can be and I love it!  And for once without qualification. Not even a minor Tena Lady moment.

And remember – it’s going to be the most beautiful day.


So that’s my choice from series three – what’s yours?

I can’t keep it in.  Remember this?  The trailer for series three…