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It’s on to 2010 and series two and an extra two episodes to think about with eight instead of six.

Surprisingly this is one I haven’t had to think too hard about.  There is so much to enjoy in this one – I chose it as my favourite series after all – but I just can’t get past one episode that just leaps out as my favourite.

Which one?  Wait and see!

series twoThis series had the most embedded series arc of all of them.  All the characters played their part in the tale of Lucy and Kemp and their dastardly plans.  Mitchell was targeted, seduced and narrowly avoided being blown up by them, Nina was convinced they could cure her, George was less so but in desperation went to try and Annie realised that she could never move on and asked Kemp for help.  Even though he didn’t think to bring a door.  Silly man.  Mind you he provided help in spades later on,  even after she changed her mind.

Over and above the main arc series two brought us sub-plots and stories that could sit alone but they all very cleverly tied into the main thread.  We saw our first proper vampire couple – unless you count Cara and Herrick at the end of S1 – the wonderful Ivan and Daisy.  Ivan with his car, his twitter account, his swans; Daisy with her tea dress, enthusiastically friendly nature (ahem) and apparent lack of undercrackers.  Sadly Cure and Contagion was the only time we saw them together – such a waste, they could have rampaged hand in hand all over every episode and I’d have been very happy!

ivan and daisy4

It seemed that Annie was going to get all the best plots at the beginning – visible, solid, well just a bit squishy – she got a job and a bloke.  Ah yes, Saul.  What was Saul?  Dead but not a ghost, a minion of the PTB behind the door.  And Terry Wogan.  And then there was Hugh – the life that Annie should have had – gentle kindness and understanding, Fatima Whitbread and hope.

I have a soft spot for Lucy and her clever manipulation of Mitchell and really liked the way that Mitchell was played against type as a bumbling suitor.  Deadly furniture indeed!  From the genius of Trevor to the tales of poo…  It was never going to end well.  There was a lovely moment with Lucy and Mitchell talking on a bench dedicated to Lauren.  Memories.

We also met Carl and his gay, human lover Dan – well, technically his dead, gay, human lover Dan.  Dan’s death also gave us one of the best/worst vampire jokes in Being Human.  “Count Spectacular!”  “Mince of Darkness!”

Serve God Love Me and Mend was a great Annie episode – and despite the early promise of this series they are few and far between.  It showed us what a fabulous character she is by actually giving her something really good to do.  She got another go in Educating Creature when Sykes saved her from the MWSaMWR and went on to teach her about doors and auras.  Not that we ever saw any of that again…  It had such potential – Sykes was a marvellous idea but the less than subtle way it hammered home Annie’s lesson of the week doesn’t put this at the top of my list.


sykes and annie

I can’t not mention the Box Tunnel Massacre – bloody retribution on a commuter train. But was it Daisy’s idea or Mitchell’s?  I’m not sure he’d have done something quite so bloody and so impossible to come back from without Daisy and her need for revenge. I’m just glad I don’t do his laundry – even Vanish isn’t going to get those sheets clean!  And didn’t props and make up have fun with the bodies?!

All God’s Children was darkly claustrophobic with almost all of it taking place inside the Facility, a real life building that was almost a character in it’s own right.  The creeping menace of Mitchell stalking the corridors, George finding the message from Tully, Annie’s answer phone tape and her being torn out of the world.  The almost sequel in the cottage when Lucy appeared and Kemp followed, when Annie managed to pop out of purgatory and if that wasn’t enough there was yet another final final scene.

Herrick!   Resurrected!

04 The Facility

So what was my favourite?  I could say it was hard to choose – and to be honest there are great parts to every episode in my favourite series but the choice was easy this time.

The Looking Glass

herrick 1969 uniform

And not just because of Herrick!  The way it pulled together the past and the present – it wasn’t always subtle but the inter-cutting of Mitchell trying to recreate what he had with Josie with Lucy was so clever.  There was also the care and amusement of dead babies, the library books, discovering that tea is barbaric and that George probably could eat a whole cat.  It was also the start of Mitchell really falling apart, he knows he needs the system – needs Wilson – but he can’t and won’t pay the price of doing his dirty work and Wilson’s death is just the beginning of the fall.

And OK. I admit it.  It is mostly about Herrick!  A Herrick in a rather sharp suit, a luxurious amount of hair and some cracking speeches – just as we’d expect.  It was the beginning of his policeman disguise and he’s a fan of Lewis Carroll.  Alice, handcuffs and smiling evil – what more could a girl dream of?!

herrick 1969


That’s my no-brainer choice of best episode of series two – how about you?  Which one would you chose?

And the series two trailer told us it was time for Annie, George and Mitchell to face their demons…