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Now the dust has settled and I’ve had time to ponder the end of series five and THAT extra scene it feels like time to go back to the beginning.

(Oh yes.  THAT ending.  THAT extra scene.  Harrumph.  I can see I’ll have to come back to that.)

Having made myself choose a favourite series I’ve gone one step further in the search for the next best bit – my favourite episode.  This is going to be fun, given that there are 37 including the pilot and I have no idea where to start to narrow them down.  Not a clue.

(It was series two – are you not keeping up?)

OK.  Here’s a plan.  A short-ish blog to choose my favourite episode from each series and then a final choice from them of my absolute best ever episode.  OK with you?  No?  Well, to be honest I’m in charge round here so that’s what I’m doing!

Let’s just go with the flow.  (Who leads the flow?)  (No one. It’s a flow.)


series one

Series one, six episodes and immediately I have a problem.  Yes another one.  How do I choose between Tully and Gilbert?  Between Josie and Bernie?  Between werewolf problems and vampire problems and ghost problems?  Do I pick the one with the best lines or try to take a scientific view?

I’m doing this from memory – if I do a rewatch or even read my own book I’m going to find so many little treasures that I’d forgotten about so to go on what has lodged in my tiny mind seems to be the way to go!  So what does stand out?  Herrick certainly had most of the best lines, while George got a good serving of angst and Mitchell wavered back and forth between the vampires and the humans. I see a theme developing there…

lauren and mitchellI loved Lauren and was so sorry she didn’t get to be the vampire she might have been.  She stood up to Herrick – not many did – and with a bit less angst and soooo sooorry-ness from Mitchell the two of them could have ruled the vampires.  She also had some cracking lines – who can forget her riposte to Seth’s “Aow” as he turned to smoke?*  And on the subject of great lines (so many!) I really – really – want to use Nina’s put down of George’s Tully-inspired attempt to ask her out.**  Yes all of it.  Word for word.

I loved Ghost Town and Gilbert is one of my favourite one-show guest characters and – of course – his was the first door we saw, the first resolved UFB.  And this was the episode in which we found out that Owen killed Annie, that Mitchell and Annie sort of kissed (‘It’s like being attacked by an ironing board’) and when George rather memorably (and rather vigorously) proved to Nina his premature ejaculation issues were – well, somewhat less serious and rather less premature than she may have thought!


But then there’s episode five – Where the Wild Things Are.  It had Annie’s door, the wonderful Josie – all the memories in that simple gesture of remembering exactly how she drinks her coffee – and Owen being driven entirely mad and the policeman needing a different form.  Ending with Mitchell bleeding in the hall, Herrick demanding to be let in, George pleading with Annie to go (and letting out a tiny bit of wee) and Annie in a state over pretty much all of it!  It set quite a standard for penultimate episodes.

annie door george and micthell

But the last episode – Sarky Mark and his wry humour, Josie sacrificing herself for Mitchell, Herrick so very sure he was going to win – and not just Top Trumps – and we see a hint of the power that takes Annie through four more series to save the world.  And that final showdown.  George does what he’d always dreaded and he does it for love.  Bad Moon Rising had everything – pathos, humour, darkness, horror, Brecht, Nanna and not one but two very clever cliffhangers.  And Herrick in bits on the cellar floor… but not before some wonderful final speeches that gave me the title of this blog.

george herrick mitchell cellar

Maybe I should roll a dice? Randomly pick a number?

No. I’ve decided.

Although I’d like to choose more than one my favourite episode from series one has to be episode six – Bad Moon Rising.  That’s what my heart is telling me so all analysis is off.  And I have to choose it for no other reason than Josie’s death made me cry – and nothing else in Being Human ever has.

josie mitchell hospital

*   “Well, he won’t be staring at my tits when he speaks to me anymore”

**   Nope. Not typing all that.  Go watch it!


So that’s my choice from series one – what’s yours?

I’d forgotten how much I loved this trailer for the very first series…