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Hal has a reputation.

He told Leo when they met that he was the only person in the building who was not scared of him, which, given that Leo was chained to the wall was an interesting viewpoint.

He is old, very old and in 1955 was coming to the end of a cycle of death, blood and destruction.  He was born in a brothel, not sure who was his mother, no idea who was his father.  He ran away to sea, ran away to battle and by the time he was recruited he saw no goodness left in the world.

“I have been so many people since then”

500 years. Impossible to imagine surviving that long.  How many lives has he lived?  How many people has he killed?  What has he seen in all those years – or maybe what hasn’t he seen?It’s interesting to compare the buttoned up, rigidly controlled Hal with his dominoes and his collar studs to the rather more louche figure who presumably rescued Leo from the chains and the cage fights.  That man laughed as he drank and told tall tales.

“Are there subtitles for this conversation?”

Hal is a man to be feared but Pearl certainly knew him well enough to slap him round the head with a newspaper – although his face showed just how utterly undignified he thought that was!  Very hot on dignity are vampires – that was Herrick’s main complaint about being dismembered by George.  Pearl and Leo had lived with Hal for over 50 years and seemed to have no fear of him, confident that their help and support had kept him clean and kept them safe.   Not to mention keeping the world safe from Hal.

He sets up dominos in intricate patterns, over and over and over again.  He never knocks them down, it’s all part of keeping control.  In the chaos of losing Pearl and Leo – not to mention the general chaos that seems to pervade Honolulu Heights like the smell of Airwick – he knocks them down for the first time.  The start of something… but what?  What else has he set up that is about to tumble down around his ears?

“Have we finished flirting?”

The Hal we are starting to know is still an enigma, although with a nice line in dry wit.  How much will he confide in Annie and Tom?  Will he loosen his collar, kick off his shoes and get comfy?  Hmmm not sure about that!

Maybe it will all come down to management – Leo has given Annie instructions on how Hal must be protected – as well as extracting a promise from her to care for him when he and Pearl have passed over.  We already know how seriously Annie takes her promises.

Bur if it comes down to a choice between Hal or Eve who will Annie protect?

A vampire is for life not just for Christmas…

Or how to look after your vampire – what are the Hal-management guidelines?

Avoid people. People people.  So just all people then.  Good start…

Stay well away from budgies.  Yes, maybe it did only happen once but why take a risk?

There’s a brilliant piece of extra content on the BBC Being Human blog here. It’s a letter.  Beautiful penmanship, neatly numbered pages and an explanation (and apology) about the dire fate that befell Coco and Cheep-Cheep, stars of the Miniature Circus.  It’s a measure of how quickly Damien Molony has nailed the character of Hal that you can hear his voice as you read.

No small dogs.  Avoiding all small animals is probably best.  See above.

No blood – as if that one wasn’t quite obvious.  I suppose it might slip our minds.

Finally, most importantly, the one temptation Annie must remember above all else – this is the biggie.

No Kia-Ora.


We don’t talk about it…