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(The title is almost a quote from the Rocky Horror Show.  If you want to read my Being Human/Rocky Horror mash-up it’s here.  Brain bleach can be supplied later…)


Being Human series four airs on BBCThree (in the UK, sorry other countries)

Of course I’m excited and despite being a dedicated spoiler bunny (I search them here, I search them there) I really am not sure what is going to happen.

Huge round of applause to the BBC and Touchpaper Television for this – last year, series three was thoroughly spoiled by the interviews, the press pack – even the ‘next week’ segments.  This year it feels more like the run up to series two which had moments that genuinely left folk open-mouthed, with a cartoon style speech bubble over their heads reading “WTF??!!??”  I do really want one of those cushions by the way…

What I have read makes me think I’m in for a real treat and Toby Whithouse’s frankly legendary abilities with storylining and writing is the security blanket keeping my toes warm.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who wants to remain pure and unsullied until tonight so, if you’re in that virgin territory maybe stop now while I speculate!

We know some things, assume some more stuff, guess at even more and I did start to try to write some lists but just tied myself in contradictory knots!  So – no apologies for missing anything as this is not a real list just my first thoughts. What are some of the things we know?

Well, we have new vamps – not least the domino wielding Hal., But here’s the rub, is he good or bad – I suspect dangerous to know comes as standard!

There’s a baby called Eve.  She’s something special.  Good or bad is again still to be seen but I suspect my wish that she a killer-babba is probably not going to happen…

No Nina, not much George.  It’s always sad to see people go – even in RL! – but life moves on and stories develop.  Repeat after me – change is good, change is good….

Tom is a main character – and I admit I initially had my doubts about this.  All washed away with his lovely prequel – a subtle sense of comedy that was a pleasant surprise and a perfect sense of timing.  Sheltered and innocent, protected by McNair – Tom has a lot to learn.  Although the killing vamps bit he seems to have mastered!

No Wyndam.  Sob.  (Sending telepathic thoughts to TW “Wyndam for series five, Wyndam for series five”)

Best of all… the Old Ones are coming.  Really coming, not like Lucy’s stuff from Amazon.  Retribution?

While I can waffle on forever – and with the tiniest of encouragement am quite likely to – the final words really have to go to Toby Whithouse (do I curtsey now?)

As ever, Being Human lives or dies on the strength of the characters and the cast, and that’s why I think this series is our strongest yet.

Oh and…

News of Russell’s departure – and to Aidan’s before that – was greeted with rather wearying predictions that the show was now ‘over’. But I write this a few days after seeing the finished cut of episode 8, and I’m happy to report that it’s never been in ruder health.

 The new cast, the crew and directors and the other writers have pulled off something extraordinary and completely reinvigorated the show. I hope you’ll agree, rumours of Being Human’s death have been greatly exaggerated.