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The latest SFX Vampire special is well worth a read, especially the interview with the very fabulous Toby Whithouse (who I would quite like to adopt and keep in my airing cupboard)

(Yes there’s enough room, Herrick and Wyndam will just have to budge up a bit.)

(And stop moaning – you just need to move the tea towels to the other shelf.  OK, you can move the sheets as well. Do I have to do everything?)

(I’m not sounding odd at all here am I? No? Good.)

(Moving swiftly on…)

(Oh and when I say adopt I don’t really mean kidnap.  Not really…)

So where was I? Oh yes, there’s a neat comparison of Being Human UK and Being Human US in Pedantry Corner and being afflicted with a touch of the pedant myself – not about spelling or grammar just to preempt a few remarks – I have to take issue.  Well, four issues to be pedantic…

The sofa in the UK version is black leather.  In the US version it’s a garish orange.  Plus it’s in the corner of the room in the UK version, as opposed to the middle.  The corner’s a much more sensible location if you ask us.

While I agree a sofa placed corner-wise can be a good thing it’s actually in front of the living room window not in the corner.  (The other sofa, the green retro Ercol-ish one) is against the wall to the stairs)  Plus the sofa in the UK version is brown leather.  I know that.  The actual sofa was sold recently on eBay in aid of Children in Need (for an amount that certainly wasn’t a DFS sale price!) and they also said it was brown.  And they could be sued if they were wrong…

In the UK version both Mitchell and George are hospital porters.  In the US version Josh is an orderly but Aidan is a surgical nurse, utterly defeating the point of the pair getting jobs at the hospital to stay under the radar.

George is a porter – favourite accessory a wheelchair or bed, often containing an unconscious patient or a befuddled resurrected vampire, but Mitchell is a cleaner whose accessory of choice is a mop and bucket for when someone is sick in the shop…

Nina has abdominal scarring from a fire, Nora was attacked by an ex-boyfriend.

Nina does have abdominal scars – as does her werewolf – but do we know it was from a fire?  Nothing has ever been made explicit in the series although in series three Nina spoke of her abusive mother and – of course – we wondered.  However on the BBC BH pages it does state that her scars came from a violent ex-boyfriend but not how.

In Being Human US they move into a furnished apartment.  In Being Human UK the flat is unfurnished.  If you’ve ever rented, you notice these things.

Well, clearly you don’t.  Firstly it’s a house, the clue is in the name and the pink house is definitely a house not a flat and secondly it is furnished.  At the start of episode one anyway… George’s werewolf manages to reduce most of the furnishing and knickknacks to matchwood in a hastily relocated transformation mid-way through the episode.  Mitchell brings a TV and a few bin bags of possessions and in the pilot George buys cushions.  The rest comes with the house and was presumably Owen and Annie’s furniture.  However, to be pedantic, I don’t actually know that!

Finally – pedantically – I have to say that the other 15 comparisons are just fine.  Although calling the gorgeous Gilbert a “depressive Morrissey fan” is damning with faint praise!  He IS the definitive ghost of the 1980s…