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The series four trailer is unveiled.

And we know that the series starts sometime in week six (BBC’s version of week six is from Saturday 4 to Friday 10 February.  I have 50p on the 5th…

We also have mini-teasers for Annie, Tom and Hal.

So… that trailer.

It starts with George’s tears, a baby and no Nina. That sounds like a sticky end to me. It looks as though George trusts no one any more – he even needs to prove to himself that Tom isn’t a vampire.  Just what has happened?  Presumably vampires have happened as the baby’s cot is surrounded by crosses.  There’s another policeman and he looks pretty senior.  A vampire?  They do seem to be quite taken with the police force, I suspect it’s the uniform that appeals.  Or the handcuffs…  He wants the child dead – this is the first time a werewolf has been born and not made.  She must die.

An as yet unknown man has Annie by the throat, she looks panicked, Hal looks tweedy and determined, George looks, well, rabid to be honest, Tom’s staking as if born to it (which he was) and there’s transforming.  Of more than one werewolf.  Most bizarrely of all, Mr Weasley seems to have hidden up in the basement wearing a tea towel Nativity costume and holding the baby – the war child.  What’s THAT all about?  Oh and Annie has a stake too.  Maybe Cooper was just the start.

Casper’s revenge…

There’s a nice touch of humour at the end and a good indicator that Hal is going to be an amusing chap to have around.  Straight to the point and not a brow furrowed apology in sight!

I’m a vampire.  He’s a werewolf.  Any questions?

Annie and Tom’s teaser clips don’t add a great deal – they are both left holding the baby – cue ‘Awww. Cute’ moments all round.  Or maybe not quite all round.  The battle to come is hinted at, not terribly subtly it has to be said, and Tom’s baby sling has handy loops to hold a supply of stakes and Annie’s powers are making the lights flicker.  Please let these powers be real this time – it’s time we saw smart, stong Annie!

Hal’s teaser is very different – he sets them up and he knocks them down.  Considering just how old he is, he could mean anything and  I suspect that – like Wyndam – he has a few tricks up his sleeve and dominos are just the start.  But can he really be what he seems?  Just who is he setting up?  And who is he planning to knock down?  And I hope he didn’t sneeze when they were filming that clip!

Before we get too tied up in analysis and prediction it’s interesting to look back at last year’s trailer and see if it really told us anything about series three.

Mitchell on the night bus, tempted by a tasty snack probably told us the least about his journey to come (maybe because it was diverted at a late stage by the call to dwarves’R’us).  In S3 he’d pretty much sorted the bloodlust, he didn’t bite anyone although he got a touch stake-happy – Graham, Herrick (sob) and an assortment of vampires in the cage fight audience.  Although it has to be said that Sadie from Ritzy’s (or Ritzy from Sadie’s) had a narrow escape.

Annie was in the library surrounded by swirling volumes.  I hoped it indicated a new strength, that she would come back from purgatory the powerful spirit I wanted to see.  But no.  Back to making tea in a kitchen equipped with an urn – a major step backwards.  Although seeing her bombarded with information forecasted the crime wall, the cuttings and research, the old police files, the knowledge of what Mitchell had really done, hidden in plain sight.  The marriage of heaven and hell?  Well, they tried but it never really stuck.  Maybe series four will be Annie’s.

Nina and George and this one did hit the mark,  the contrast of comfy domesticity, supermarket shopping together with the urge of the wolf which – as we now know – resulted in some new maths. WW(M) + WW(F) = mini-WW. Or do we need to apply a vampire-styled formula to make something else entirely…

So series four may or may not be anything like anything we can get from the trailer.  Just like the little teasers Toby dangles in front of our ravenous imaginations, well, it could go any way it wants to!

And that’s what keeps me watching.