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I touched on the idea of Being Human merchandise in a previous post and it got me thinking.  Something to ponder as you might say…

I came up with a few pretty obvious ideas – Annie’s own design of teapots and mugs, Mitchell’s special range of hair products and Herrick-in-the-attic styled jimjams.  Interestingly, out of all those it was the floral/stripy pjs that seemed to be the favourite!  Clearly the thing to wear in all the best attic bedrooms…

In the real world, the sensible world (a place I have to visit but prefer not to inhabit) a selection of Being Human gifts would be a cracking idea and I can see them selling like hot cakes at conventions.  There would have to be mugs (Annie mugs are all different and come in packs of 100 so you’ll never run out), calendars, maybe a George-style sensible fleece or two (maybe not) and – what else? – oh, badges!  A variety of T-shirts should be provided which could be emblazoned with pithy and humorous quotes from the show, there are plenty to choose from.  What would you want to have across your chest?  (No, you can’t have Mitchell…)

(If this isn’t enough I could recommend a rather lovely book…)

Going slightly more off the wall – or on the wall – you could have Hawaiian murals and garlands, Honolulu Heights notepaper (as used on Annie’s crime fighting wall) perhaps even specially designed string harnesses for chickens – saves all that tedious monthly knotting…  Key chains with mini-vintage-Volvos or perhaps a little model of a cage – excellent for keeping your padlock keys safe.

What else?  Wooden knitting needles, train sets (tunnels and Kensington Gore available separately), gnome wallpaper, a goldfish in a jar and a selection of doors, some harder to close than others… Scrapbooking kits would come complete with ceiling piercing scissors and a selection of highlighter pens.  In the beauty corner you can stock up on Janey-styled tango orange fake tan and Sasha’s range of drop dead gorgeous make up.  It fills in all those tiny little imperfections, it’s long-lasting, highly perfumed and comes with a quick drying durable spray varnish to finish.  Oh, and don’t forget, we need plenty of teabags as well as some homemade apology jam and maybe a few rotten tomatoes, just in case!

There would also be a clothing range…  back to the sensible fleeces!  As well as the pyjamas there’d be Gilbert styled overcoats, Tully hats, fingerless gloves (of course) and an adaptable, constantly morphing selection of grey jersey garments.

I was going to go down the line of Sykes’ RAF finery, nurses outfits and police helmets but suspect I’m sliding into more specialised territory here!  Can I tempt anyone with Richard and Emma’s Qwality Orgywear?  It’s made in Wales and machine washable – or at least wipe clean…

What would be on your shopping list?