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At last we have some S4 news.  Hopefully enough to quell the weeping and wailing about how the series is over and done without Mitchell (“Being Human is finished without Mitchell! Sob.”), George (“Being Human is dead without George!! Sob.”) and Nina (“Who?  Oh yes…”) (Only joking! Sniffle…)

It’s an opinion that I don’t agree with and that, if I’m honest, drives me mad but it’s valid nonetheless and we’re all entitled to think what we like.  From my perspective I watched Being Human because of the concept and the writing and it’s rather insulting to Toby Whithouse and all the others who are involved in the creative effort to imply that their success depends on one or two faces.  How many people could – hand on heart – say they had heard of Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow before Being Human series one?  Possibly a few more knew of Russell Tovey but there is no reason why the new cast won’t end up being just as loved and turn out to be equally as talented – and maybe they’ll be even better.  And that original concept?  It was a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire, sharing a house, trying to be human… and that is what continues.

I’ve never been a fan of shows that go on and on (and on) forever.  Same cast, same set, same jokes, same circle of plots and devices…  I like things to change, to be shaken up and moved on, I want to be surprised and challenged.  Parting company with favourite characters will always be a sweet sorrow but, well, that’s life isn’t it?  Nothing stays the same for ever.  Not even vampires…

Will I miss the departed cast?  Of course I will.  However I do think that this is the right way for the show to go if it wants to develop and survive.

Mitchell’s story came to an end,  maybe unexpectedly soon due to the lure of a cloak and a pointy hat.  I think he must have spent far too much time looking at the wallpaper in George’s pink house bedroom.  But really – where would Mitchell have gone next?  We’d seen him being as human as he could, being back in the clans but trying to subvert them to his way of thinking and then back to the darkest heart of all as he munched through a train.  After that it was a spiral into desperation, despair, furrowed brow and tangled fringe as he tried to marry up the human and vampire sides of his nature – yet knowing that he never could.  If he had survived, then what?  Better to go at the end of a cracking tale than totter on through ever decreasing circles.  He said it himself – after the Box Tunnel 20 he could never go back to the sofa with Annie and George and to take him into a different world, maybe the world of the Old Ones, would have been too far from the concept of the show..

George is also running out of fresh meat.  He’s accepted his wolf – probably as much as he ever can, found family with Nina and killed his best friend.  We need to see what happens to him next but he can’t ever go back to squeakily endearing George so what will he do?  I hope he gets a good send off and a dramatic and fitting story.

Nina was never intended to be a regular but bought her place fair and square with her acting talent.  Trouble is that lack of background showed, bolting on some occasional titbits of history felt clunky and Nina’s rather one-dimensional morality also painted her into a corner.  Toby Whithouse has said in the past that he doesn’t like settled couples – it takes all the drama away – and so I do feel that for that reason alone Nina and George were always doomed.  Whatever the reasons for Sinead Keenan’s departure and her non-appearance in S4 (and I doubt we’ll ever really know why) it does pave the way for George to leave too.  I’m not sure that watching the domestic tribulations of a happy wolf couple plus baby would ever have fitted into the Being Human world.

Oh Herrick,  I will miss you the most!  (You guessed I’d say that didn’t you?)  He had to go – Herrick without Mitchell is a bit like chips without vinegar.  A nice treat but missing something to give it the necessary edge.  I think his end was rushed and somewhat wasted and I do regret that.  Unlike the others it feels to me that his story isn’t complete, there was so much more to know about that character and he suffered the most from the last-minute changes.  But even though I adore Herrick I would plead for the sake of the show that he isn’t brought back on some spurious excuse – one resurrection was enough.  Staking has to be final and non-negotiable.

So – new people.  I’m liking the sound of Hal.  500 years old and that makes Mitchell and Herrick look like little boys in the playground.  Not only old but many years clean and friends with a ghost and a werewolf.  That sounds interesting,  someone should write a TV show about that…

The guest stars announced so far look interesting and if they continue with the precedent already set with some pretty amazing past guests then we are in for a few treats.  I’m sorry not to see an episode written by Sarah Phelps in S4.  “The Longest Day” is my all time favourite and her take on all the main characters was perfect, while Wendy was an absolute classic.  I’ll look more at the prospects for S4 and ponder on potential plots in another post but for the moment I’m in a reasonably excited state of anticipation.

Over all it seems that Being Human is in great fettle and I’m very happy to believe Toby when he says that this is the best yet. 

After all, you have to remember that this is the show that has already done the impossible – it made Robson Green cool!