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First off a minor confession (you don’t have to keep it a secret).  I’m not an avid Doctor Who fan.  I watch it but don’t worry if I miss an episode and how much attention I pay it depends on what I think is the quality of the writer or the guests.  I only started watching the new version at all due to Christopher Eccleston – one of my all time favourite actors.  An episode of Doctor Who written by Toby Whithouse – or Lord Toby as he’s known on the Being Human blog – should be a damn good draw, especially judging by School Reunion and Vampires of Venice which were both a tolerably decent watch.

So I settled down to watch The God Complex with high hopes – despite the ever and increasingly irritating Amy Pond.  It didn’t take long before I started to wonder if I was watching a giant in-joke, aimed fair and square at Being Human fans/obsessives/geeks (pick your own insult) like myself.

Now I love Being Human.  I wrote a book on it.  (Did I mention I wrote a book?  No? Really??)  The God Complex was full of references, asides and ideas all lifted straight from Being Human.  Did you spot them?  Well maybe you have to be a BH F/O/G to get them all but do pull up a chair and I’ll make a list.  It’s not an exhaustive list, mind – do let me know what I’ve missed!

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin…

Honolulu Heights the kitsch 70’s ex-B&B versus the kitsch 80’s swirly carpeted hotel.

Oh yes, swirly carpet!  (Must be said with a Welsh accent)

Corridors with scary doors, choosing your door.  Spit spot!

The same wallpaper as at Honolulu Heights.  Yes really.

Door numbers and keys on tags.

A blogger.  I really hope that isn’t how TW sees us BH bloggers…

Tea.  Of course there has to be tea.

Staring through the door at a monster – that wonderful image of Herrick though the bathroom door…

Threatened with a chair leg. “Choose a chair, break a leg and sharpen it”

Fingerless gloves

Tied to a chair.  The Vienna flashback – calm down at the back!

Goldfish.  Trevor!  And evil Trevor…

Radios and CCTV

Hitting things with shoes (although George didn’t actually hit the imaginary pigeon while Amy did hit Rory)

The emotional death of a monster.

It’s all about the washing up… pass the marigolds.

A monster that wants to stop doing what its instinct tells it to do but can’t without help.

Ventriloquism… such a lovely hobby!

The clown.  “Clowns… so many clowns…”

A Police Officer (RIP Herrick) called Lucy – two for one and probably beyond tenuous but there are so many more names to choose from!

A prison.  “First rule of vampire club…”

There are much deeper discussions to be had about faith and death and confronting your deepest fears, the death of the monster and the end of the imprisonment/addiction but maybe that’s for another time.

I’m going to hope that this was a gentle tease of us Being Human types, a nice in-joke and some happy coincidences.  All of which will have whooshed over the heads of the Doctor Who devotees.  The alternative is that it was a touch of lazy writing and surely the great Lord Toby wouldn’t do that.  Would he…?

Big giant thanks to the BH Bloggers and Tweeters for adding to the list – you know who you are you clever people! 


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