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After my first book came out last year – Being Human: unofficial and unauthorised – which covered the first two series (the Pink House years) of Being Human there was – of course – a new, third series of the show.  Our supernatural threesome (and Nina makes four) moved to Barry and the delights of Honolulu Heights hoping for a fresh start.

The revised edition of the book is now finished and retitled and A Guide to Being Human covers all three series (plus the original pilot), adding reviews for series three, updating all the characters, costume and location sections as well as musing over The Annie Tapes and Becoming Human.  It also has a fabulous new cover complete with bloodstains.   (Although I am very slightly concerned that the lovely folks at Classic TV Press are just a little bit too good with the bloodstains… I won’t be upsetting them in a hurry!)

The book was written to some rather stringent deadlines – very stringent actually! – following the end of series three and was published on Friday 7 July 2011.  Coincidentally this was the first day of London Film and Comic Con – and what better place to place to launch the new tome!

Classic TV Press had a stand at LFCC and I offered to help out over the weekend – and, of course, help sell my own book!  As well as A Guide to Being Human Classic TV Press had on offer The Pandorica Opens, The Complete Secret Army and Worlds Apart.  Over the Friday preview evening and the two days of the show we talked to lots of great people, gave away loads of sweets – appropriate jelly vampire fangs and flying saucers – discussed the staking of Mitchell and the fate of werewolf junior with Being Human fans and watched the Cosplayers strut their stuff.  I even signed some of my books for people – which was probably more exciting for me than it was for them!!

It was a great weekend – despite the sore feet and lack of sleep – and even though we could only talk to a fraction of the estimated 60,000 people who came through the doors of Earls Court, we had a damn good try to chat to as many as we could.  Andy and Marisa of Classic TV Press were pleased, both with sales and the chance to raise the profile of their independent publishing company – and that is something we should all support.  People like them are the reason we can read the books we want, books on the more off beat topics and on the shows that not everyone else watches.  In anyone’s book that has to be a good thing.

Now I need to watch some TV that isn’t Being Human – well, for a little while anyway…