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Was it really only a year ago that we were waiting for the finale of Being Human series two?  (Only a year in our time but much less in the Being Human world of course)

This year we have no fingernails left and are frantically wishing the week away so we can see if Nina and pup survive, if Mitchell escapes, if Annie forgives, if George cries and if Tom takes on the mantle (or fang bestrewn accessories) of McNair…  And Herrick?  No clue at all about what he has in store except that it just has to be mad, bad and dangerous to know.  He likes a Byron quote does our Herrick, bless his little cotton police issue socks…  And just what does Lia have in store up her little cardigan sleeve?  The long game is almost over and somehow, whatever she has planned, I don’t think it’s very nice.

Back in 2010 we were equally on tenterhooks – do you remember?

“You want retaliation?  I’ll show you retaliation”

We’d seen Mitchell and his horror at the vampire massacre contrasted with Daisy’s conviction it was simply human vengeance.  A visit to coroner Quinn showed him otherwise and sent him on a course that could only ever have culminated in disaster.  Quinn left dead, Mark the nice-but-hapless Vicar letting Lucy out of the bag (so to speak) and so Mitchell and Daisy’s revenge massacre on the train seemed almost inevitable.  Those excesses left Mitchell with an evil blood soaked hangover, he was cruel, showing casual lechery to Annie and insulting George.  But more chilling was his momentary clear-eyed warnings as the human side of Mitchell struggled through the vampire.  “Stay out of the cities.  The cities won’t be safe much longer”  Daisy was nowhere to be seen and we suspected she had gone on an errand to find the “someone else” Mitchell had alluded.  Of course now we know who that was and we also know exactly what Daisy and Cara got up to.  Sadly both now gone – Cara killing herself in despair at Herrick ‘s cruelty and lack of caring and Daisy done for by the off-screen hands of McNair – although she seems to have put up a decent fight.  “Surprisingly strong.  Nimble” as George would tell us with just a little encouragement (and a dreamy look in his eye!)  Is there any way back for Mitchell?  Frankly I think we’re still wondering that and his guilt and secrets are one of the threats from within that are tearing our group apart.

“We’re not coming back here, are we?”

Nina had fallen into Kemp’s clutches and wanted George to join her in her search for a cure for their curse.  George found it ridiculous – religious claptrap – until he mistook the time and found himself transforming in a primary school.  It was the end of his ‘normal’ relationship and the failure pulled him back to Nina’s idea and he decided he had no choice.  No more risks – if there is a cure he has to try.

Annie had also made a big decision – it’s time.  She enlisted Kemp’s help – along with his rather sweet psychic Hennessy who could hear Annie.  The failed exorcism (“Did we bring a door?”) was bittersweet – Annie is no evil spirit and couldn’t be cast out.  Not giving up she accompanies George to the Facility – partly to look after him and partly as she hasn’t given up on finding her own resolution.  Not to mention the change in Mitchell – she really can’t stay with him there.

So the scene was set for the finale – we know that Kemp and Lucy were waiting, that the ‘cure’ doesn’t exist and that both George and Annie had their own motives for heading to the facility.  And what of Mitchell?  We finally saw the darkest heart of all, the evil that is so praised by the other vampires.  Is there any way that that pure physical nature can be put back in its box?  Have we seen the last of Annie’s pink house…

At least this time last year we already knew there would be another series…


There is a new behind the scenes video posted on the Being Human blog with some great acting tips from Jason Watkins.  First on the list is understand the script!  Seems obvious but so many actors have quite clearly only ever read their own part… (and probably carefully highlighted their special words in pink…)