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Fiat justitia ruat coelum – may justice be done though the heavens fall.

But what is justice?  Annie wants justice for the Box Tunnel victims but blinded by love she can’t see the truth under her ghostly nose.  Nina too wanted justice and she got it right but was it really a convenient way of disposing of the man she always thought had too much of an influence on George?  McNair is fuelled by his desire for justice – or is it revenge?  Mitchell wants to be punished (OK – just form a queue…) but not by human justice – the stakes are too high for that.  Only George sees the danger – although moral he is pragmatic and fully understands what will be unleashed when the world knows exactly what they are.  Is a world where vampires can run free ever going to bring justice to anyone?  Was anyone else remembering Ivan’s speech in series two?


This weeks’ flashback takes us back 20 years to slip on shoes, another dodgy syrup and the interesting nugget that McNair was a surveyor…  Cool.  Not.  Herrick is impeccably turned out of course – he does love a costume, bless him – and the ringmaster’s attire suits him very well.  He’s highly amused by McNair surviving a cage fight and killing Alan(!) the werewolf, more so once he knows he’s been scratched.  So this is the birth of McNair the werewolf and fittingly seen as he reaches his end at the same hands.  His crusade to kill vampires was all aimed at finding Herrick and all those he killed along the way – including Daisy – were just the warm up.  Herrick’s lucky strike with the knife mirrors human McNairs equally lucky knifing of the werewolf and left McNair naked, bleeding and all too human on the attic floor.  Twitter was generally horrified and aghast yet rather appreciative of Robson Green’s worked out physique (and arse…)  And just who was he writing to?  Tom, I assume, although what secrets does he have left?  He sensed he might not survive – making sure Tom was settled with George and Nina so he wouldn’t be alone.

“Play my ‘what if’ game”

Annie is still investigating the Box Tunnel murders despite all Mitchell can do to put her off.  His comments about vampire society ‘self-regulating’ (yeah, right!!) led her off to an imaginative interpretation of the few facts she has to the conclusion that Mitchell is Miss Marple and it will all be just fine in the end.  Nancy is determined to get to Mitchell and her boss, Cooper, is equally determined to put her off.  Nancy discovers that Daisy died in an air raid in 1941 and the efforts of both Nina and Mitchell to blame her start to irritate.  Mitchell contemplates feeding her to Herrick – hers is the only human blood he has been near and he is obsessed with her.  He pulls her out at the very last minute from under Herrick’s fangs – it would be another death on his conscience and he can’t bear the thought – or doesn’t know how to explain it to Annie more like…  A little sleight of hand and Nancy has Mitchell’s fingerprints and a meeting with Cooper in a lonely, dusty warehouse alongside the actual train carriage.  She has proved that Mitchell was the killer, not just in Bristol but in Sheffield in 1960.  He can’t possibly be who he seems – and neither can Cooper.  Mitchell – rather arrogantly –  is convinced that his exploits have laid waste to the vampire infrastructure but he’s wrong.  Cooper is a vampire and has been covering for Mitchell all along.  He aims to recruit Nancy only to be staked by Annie, strange that he missed her creeping up on him as he’d known she was there all along.“Relationships turn people into psychos”

We should see it as a measure of Annie’s loss and devastation about Mitchell train carnage that she was prepared to kill Cooper – she’d never even swatted a fly before.  So, what about driving Owen insane in revenge, flinging various vampires about to rescue Mitchell in series one and disposing quite clinically of Kemp?  If that sounds critical it is in desperation for Annie to stop being lovelorn and dippy and get a decent story line.  Maybe next week…

Finally there is no escape for Mitchell – McNair is dead in the attic, Nancy has his fingerprints and Annie’s despair and pleading pushes him – literally – into a corner.  Although the team of armed police do their bit to help.  He says he could take them all out – it doesn’t look likely but who knows?  Inevitably they take him in although he doesn’t go easily, it takes several of them to take his prints and as to holding him still for a photo…

“Has anyone checked the attic?”

It seemed a simple query – is Uncle Billy OK up there – but the chain of events that brought Herrick back to us is forging it’s final link in Nancy…  The jury is still out about whether Herrick was genuinely amnesic.  I’m not convinced – he may have been confused but I still think it was all an act and a calculated way of getting into the house.  he played beautifully on Nina’s moral sense and sympathy and he knew damn well that Mitchell would never let him go while he holds the secret of resurrection.  Even if he had forgotten who he truly is Mitchell worked pretty hard to remind him – feeding him blood, tempting him and reminding him and it culminated in his attack on Nancy, all the more horrific through happening behind the closed door.

And there’s the Herrick we know – immaculately turned out in a ‘borrowed’ police uniform – clear-eyed and clear headed and just as evil as ever.   That’s my boy…!   Unseen he slaughters the remaining police and then just had to wait for Nina to walk into his arms.  He wants his revenge on George for tearing him apart – so undignified – and hurting Nina is better than hurting George.  For just a moment we think he’ll let her go after all her kindnesses – but no.  That just wouldn’t be Herrick.

So we’re left with Mitchell in a cell, Annie in despair, Nina in intensive care, George in turmoil.  Not to mention McNair in a heap and Tom on the warpath.  Add to that the mountain of bodies (were any recruited?) and the prospect of one of the Old Ones on the way to mop up.  And that’s before we even get to Lia…

Minor quibbles…

Nina’s wolf senses would be on full alert the morning after the full moon but she walks through the house completely oblivious of the dead bodies and liberal quantities of spilt blood.

Likewise, Mitchell sensed a werewolf when Tom broke into the house but has no idea that McNair is behind him en route to the attic.

Why can’t Annie sense werewolves and vampires?  All her developement, her aura reading and door closing, has been forgotten – surely she should have had some idea that Cooper was dead??

Random thoughts…

Why not in Wales?  Just a bit Welsh-ish or is there something more…

Whatever the news on series 4 (everything crossed!) surely it means another move.  Unless there’s a Stain Devil for dead copper…

Could Herrick have recruited McNair?  Can you be a were-vamp or just become all vampire?  It would have been the cruelest action – to make him the thing that he hated the most.  Very Herrick…

Nina’s pregnancy is running at double speed, if the cub/s survive (surely in doubt after Herrick’s ‘intervention’) just how soon would they be born?  Did Wikipedia tell George that?

In among the breath holding drama were the usual moments of beautifully crafted comedy.  George and Tom mutely comparing chickens (George’s was a touch inadequate…) and his worry that actually, maybe, possibly, the baby could have a tail.  It was all down to George for this weeks laughs – telling Tom he should have a 24 hour hangover and chlamydia at his age was great but he topped it all off when asked if he knew Daisy.  Anyone in any doubt would have seen in his face just exactly HOW he knew Daisy!

“She was pretty wild.  She’s um… she’s very determined and tenacious. Surprisingly strong.  Nimble.”