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“Those drinks were DEAD!”

What’s worse than a zombie?  A loud, drunk, Welsh zombie…

Being followed home by an animated corpse isn’t top of most people’s must do lists but Annie always finds something new.  On a nocturnal prowl she comes across Sasha, who sticks firmly to her side.  Initially she’s much more scary than our supernatural chums but Annie convinces them to let her in and look after her – to do ‘the right thing’.  After all Sasha is their fault.  A small batch of zombies were created when people died only to find their doors were off-line while  Mitchell was busy retrieving Annie from purgatory.  Nice idea, but surely Lia can multitask?  Most were horribly experimented on and then incinerated but Sasha got away and carried on her party lifestyle.  She’s not a great houseguest – leaking, squelching and odorous.  Thank goodness for George and his three types of upholstery cleaner!

As with most of the one-off characters she brings our trio Something To Learn…  As Annie’s designated ‘friend for an episode’ Sasha lacks Gilbert’s wistful sweetness and sly humour and the emotional punch of mustachioed psychic Alan Cortez – or even of baby Tim/Rufus.  The humour is much broader in this series and Rugby WAG Sasha fits right in.  Her final speech was sweet and touching but a touch heavy-handed, hammering home Nina and Annie’s current preoccupations.  Of course any emotion was inevitably blunted by the squelchy memories of the toenail and the trophy… not to mention the mysterious disappearance of her Welsh accent.

“This is a child of… monsters”

Nina’s pregnant – are we all suitably surprised?!  It cracks the facade of acceptance and angry, bitter Nina reappears – she can’t deal with this, it goes no further.  Nina’s evolving back story evolves further…  We know she has scars which we have been lead to assume were from an abusive boyfriend (“You’re not my type – not any more”) and now she confesses to George that her mother beat her.  Being pregnant is terrifying, what if she does the same?  I’d be more worried about producing a whole litter of furry, prominently eared cubs!  Wolf gestation is around 63 days – will Nina give birth early, a werewolf accelerated pregnancy or is it all tied up in the end of series, wolf-shaped bullet plot?  Could Mitchell be felled by an energetically expelled werewolf-cub?!

“Cara says hello…  She’s around, digging up trouble somewhere”

Graham is a star-struck vampire and he’s after Mitchell.  He has hair like Mitchell, clothes like Mitchell, even fingerless gloves and rings like Mitchells…  Mitchell is his hero and the Box Tunnel killing the blockbuster move.  Graham’s stalking is sad and funny and becomes slightly creepy.  He befriends Annie but only so he can threaten to tell her about the deaths, he taunts Mitchell about his failure to kill Cara and he knows exactly what she’s up to.  We get the hint about Herrick but Mitchell is still blissfully unaware that his frenemy is up and about.  Finally Mitchell works it out – Graham’s a copy cat killer and is off to find his own Box Tunnel, he wants to be a dark star in his own right and in his own guyliner.  Mitchell can see only one way to stop him and he stakes him, yet more death and yet more of anguished Mitchell being sorry… so sorry.  It’s a neat set up for the future – Graham’s dossier on Mitchell and the Box Tunnel is now in the house but I do feel he was thrown away early.  He could have become so very dangerous (and very funny), maybe an anonymous killing or two would have added to the tension.  It’s also an important lesson that Mitchell is just a very small step away from the boundary between cool and utterly uncool, regardless of the Paul Smith boots!

I suspect I may in a minority in finding the Annie/Mitchell kiss actually quite sad.  This is not a happy and timely coming together but desperation for Annie (after all who else can even see her) and maybe a touch of pity from Mitchell.   I can see Lia’s fingerprints all over it, pushing them together as playthings in her long game, which is probably why the whole romantic notion feels as if it has rushed in from nowhere.  This may also explain the perplexed expression on Mitchell’s refurrowed brow.  This is not Josie, the love of his life; or clever, complicated Lucy; not even open, earthy Daisy – this is Annie, just what is he doing?  Mitchell is a right soppy date though, in love with being in love – completely convinced that love is what will save him.  The trouble is that Josie got old and Lucy got mad so maybe unchanging, forgiving, loyal Annie could be the answer?  But Annie – really, you do pick ’em!  A murderer (your own murderer…), then a potential murderer in insane Saul and now a mass murderer.  Not a great track record…

Despite his fearsome reputation Mitchell is pretty easy to manipulate – Herrick, Lucy and now Lia using Annie.  George could probably use him for puppet shows if he didn’t care too much to try!

“I just got up for a pee…”

George quietly adds some lovely touches to this episode.  His wolf-nose and Sasha’s unique ‘perfume’, his reaction to Nina’s hesitancy about the pregnancy and his desperate need for a simple pee!  His delight in telling Mitchell that it is quite obvious Annie fancies him is wonderful – is it the first time he has been able to tell Lothario Mitchell anything about women?!

Oh – and that bloke in the club?  The one who snogged Sasha for a bet?

Lets hope he caught something, it’d serve him right.

I’m thinking maybe… maggots!


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