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Probably some series three spoilers – usual warning, don’t read on if you don’t want to know!!

Lots of new guest stars to look out for in series three playing a variety of humans, supernaturals and even social workers…  Here’s a quick glimpse of some of them.

We know Herrick is back for series three (in some form or other) and thanks to Daisy and Cara – and probably Mitchell for providing a nice map with an X to mark the spot.  I’m still wondering who got the job of collecting all the bits… and does Jason Watkins really qualify as a guest star?

image from being-human.tv

How could I even question that – of  course he does!  Herrick is a complete star as far as I’m concerned but he’s discombobulated, thinking himself back in the 19th century.  Where can he be hiding?  Well, there’s a handy attic in Honolulu Heights – and just what is that peeking out from under the bed?  There are probably lots of other clues in this new S3 picture – I can see some train carriages on the floor.  I just need to spend some more time with a magnifying glass!!

Mitchell has a quest – quest, not vest – although I expect we’ll see some of those as well.  He’s popping into purgatory to collect Annie as Kemp pinched her return ticket.  Once he’s there he meets Lia – Lacey Turner in her first post EastEnders role and I’m expecting great things.  She’s a great actress and I suspect she’s a bit of a star…   Lia appears again in episode eight – about which the cast have all hinted at hugely explosive events.  Maybe her prediction to Mitchell about his end comes back to bite him.  After all can Mitchell return if Aidan Turner is being all beardy and pointy-hatted in New Zealand?  The pictures of Lia look as if she’s definitely the one in control and while she knows Mitchell he can’t remember her.  It would be too obvious for her to be part of the Box Tunnel 20 surely…

We get new werewolves this series – McNair played by Robson Green and his son Tom (Michael Sorcha).  Very different to George – werewolf in denial – these are hunters, vampire hunters and Herrick features on his most wanted list.  McNair was kidnapped by vampires and then scratched and revenge is what he wants – that and to care for and protect Tom.    I admit to being a touch unsure initially about having Robson Green in Being Human but long ago in another life I worked in theatre in the North East.  Robson was just starting out and he was very talented – and that’s what Being Human needs – not the cheeky chappie that is better known from TV.  Robson has said that Being Human was one of his favourite ever acting jobs which bodes well (and would it be rude to say he does have a head start in the hairy stakes?!)

Paul Kaye is vampire Vincent – and is there just a touch of Spike about that look?  Somehow I don’t think he’s one of the more human vamps – looks the unscrupulous type to me.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he were the ringleader behind the werewolf cage fights that vampires find so enthralling.  Maybe he’s there to take advantage of the still mythical but currently bemused Herrick.  Who knows what might happen if he got in with a bad crowd…

Oh, and is Cara back?  I hope so – there were reports of Rebecca Cooper filming in Barry.  Instead of Herrick being her Dark Lord maybe she needs to take over and be his Dark Lady for a while?  And do let her wear the glam black from the unearthing Herrick scene and not force her back into her tabard!

Some of the other series three guests include:

Alexandra Roach as Sasha – probably the much trailed new supernatural character, a zombie.  Arrival expected in episode three…

Nicola Walker (Spooks and an avid Being Human fan) is Wendy, a social worker who turns up at Honolulu Heights.  Probably connected with the child vampire ‘adopted’ by our dysfunctional family after his parents die.

Adam, played by Craig Roberts (Young Dracula).  Looking 16 but actually 46, vampire Adam has lost his human birth parents, the parents who had kept him fed.  And to quote young Bernie Adam now realises “I’m hungry”.  Adam is also part of Becoming Human, the online extension of Being Human due to start midway through the series.

Finally, we get to meet George’s dad and might see exactly what made George, well, George?  George Senior will be played by James Fleet (possibly best known as Hugo in The Vicar of Dibley).  How is this going to work then?  “Hi Dad, it’s George.  No not dead – just a touch furry… Wondered if you’d like to meet the girlfriend…  yes furry too… and some friends…  Dead?  Well… funny you say that…”

In case you missed it (how?!) – the new series three trailer…

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